Code Of Ethics

As members of the Orange County Alarm Association, we shall strive to maintain the highest level of integrity and professionalism within the security services industry by adhering to this code:

  • Maintain a high level of honesty, integrity and quality in providing security services, using principles of justice and fairness and the continued support of these endeavors.
  • Work continuously to improve the quality of services through proper training and education of all concerned.
  • To provide mutual support and assistance between members and support resolutions of issues through arbitration.
  • Support and assist local and state regulatory agencies in producing ordinances and legislation beneficial to the general public and the industry in the state of California.
  • Maintain a professional image within local Governments, Police and Fire agencies, and the general public. Participate in worthwhile community affairs which relate to the areas outside the security services industry as well as within.
  • Provide continuing education to the general public for the betterment of safety awareness.